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Welcome to East Asian Wellness Center, PLLC.  Dr. Fred Russo owns and operates his clinic at the Edmonds Medical Center inside the Summe Medical Clinic.  Dr. Russo offers acupuncture, Chinese herbology, tuina massage, qi gong, and nutrition.  He uses these methods to nourish your body to heal naturally.  East Asian Wellness Center is one of the few clinics in the country that offers USDA organic Chinese herbal formulas. 

Acupuncture treatments are enjoyable, relaxing, safe, and extremely effective in the treatment of many common medical conditions.  Please call us to schedule your appointment for acupuncture, as we would be happy to answer all of your questions.

After scheduling your appointment, please print and complete the first visit forms located below:

Many people seek acupuncture for pain relief.  I will ask you many questions about your condition and your answers to these questions are important because it helps me select an appropriate acupuncture treatment so that you achieve the best results.  A physical exam will also be performed to determine your range of motion and to determine the areas to treat so that you can progress to being pain free. 
Back pain case study:
B.K., 24 year old male, was referred by his doctor with several lumbar herniated discs and one disc tear in his thoracic spine.  A thorough examination revealed that he had severe muscle guarding and tension, not only in his back, but in his hips and legs.  He was prescribed narcotics from his medical doctor to help with the pain, but his pain level was at a 8/10.  Three visits of acupuncture and his sleep improved and his pain went down to 2/10.  Physical examination also revealed a 60% improvement in his range of motion in his back, hips, and legs.  Read more about back pain case study click here

After scheduling your appointment, please print and complete the first visit forms found on this web site. Thank you for visiting acupuncture Washington (WA).